Church History – Evangelism and Fundamentalism


Some People and Events

1785 James Hutton
  • British Geologist
  • Proposes self-maintaining infinite cycle of deposition and erosion to form the earth's surface
1832 – 1833 William Whewell
Charles Lyell
  • Publish Principles of Geology
  • Principle of Uniformity – Present is key to understanding the past
  • Character of rocks entirely accounted for by geologic processes that continue to operate
  • Unprovable scientific postulate
1859, 1871 Charles Darwin
  • On the Origin of Species
  • Descent of Man
1907 Bertram Boltwood
  • Radiometric Dating
  • Method to determine the age of igneous rocks
1909 Lyman Stewart
  • Publishes The Fundamentals
  • Essays by 64 authors defending fundamental Christian Truths
1920 Curtis Lee Laws
Conference in Buffalo defined fundamentals of gospell
  • Sinful nature of Man
  • Inability to be saved apart from Grace
  • Centrality of Jesus' death
  • Authoritative revelation of the Bible
1920 Eighteenth Amendment ratified
  • Prohibition
1920 – 1929 37 states
  • Enact anti-evolution bills
1920's William Jennings Bryan
  • Opposed Social Darwinism
  • Championed womens' right to vote
  • Helped pass Eighteenth Amendment
  • Three time Presidential candidate
  • Prosecuted Scopes Monkey Trial (1925)
1955, 1960 Inherit the Wind
  • Hollywood film adaptation of a play by the same name
  • Fictionalized account of the Scopes trial
  • More broadly, a response to the McCarthy investigations into intellectual discourse
2005 Kitzmiller v. Dover School District
  • School district required teaching of Intelligent Design in Biology
  • Eleven parents sued
  • Judge John Jones ruled Dover mandate unconstitutional
  • Intelligent Design found to be a re-labeling of Young Earth Creationism

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