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Methodist Commentary by Adam Clark

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Rabbi Baruch Epstein's Lectures

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Two Targums of Esther

The Megillah with Commentary

Talmud - Megillah

Persian Empire under Xerxes

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Catholic Bible Online

Esther with Deuterocanonical Additions

Hamesh Megillot

Purim How To Guide


Casting Lots in the Bible

Tim Keller on Haman and Pride ← New 18 April

Esther Movies

Esther Movie I (not recommended) ← New 18 April

Esther Movie II - One Night with the King ← New 18 April

Purim Recipes

Savory Cheesy Red Pepper and Corn Filled Hamantaschen

Pure Hamantaschen Video

Hamantaschen History

Traditional Poppy Seed Hamantaschen

Perfect Hamantaschen