Introducing the Amazing Spiderman

Let's see if we can reveal who Spiderman is by looking closer.

Computer Displays

Computer displays render images as a rectangle of picture elements called pixels


The display resolution of an iPad is 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Computer Images

Common Types of Image Files

File TypeDescriptionUses
.jpgJoint Photographic Experts GroupPhotographs
.pngPortable Network GraphicsWeb Images (support transparency)
.gifGraphics Interchange FormateSimple Animations
.svgScalable Vector GraphicsLine Drawings without Pixelation

Example of Transparency

Spiderman and Martha

Mad Scientist

Opaque Mad Scientist with Spiderman

Transparent Mad Scientist with Spiderman

Example of Vector Graphics

Mad Scientist

Computer Programming Unit 2.3A - How Images are Rendered in Computer Displays