Sawdust Hill

Wanting to accumulate some mileage while the weather is still pleasant, I rode about 40 miles, north off the island to Sawdust Hill and some good climbing. Strava said I climbed about 3200 feet.  Mostly it was a pleasant ride through the country.

In Travels with Charlie, Steinbeck says he did a lot of thinking while driving – planned houses, planted gardens, created turtle traps, written long detailed letters,  all in his mind.  That doesn’t work for me; I find driving a motor vehicle mind numbing.  For mental stimulation, I listen to NPR or podcasts saved especially for the trip.

Riding a bicycle is different.  On days such as yesterday, I think about all kinds of things: dream of living in farm houses that I pass, or in cabins along the coast.  I dream of sailing, raising livestock or harvesting a garden.  Often I solve problems from work, or come up with new creative approaches, some good, others terrible. Other times I just ride and forget about everything.

Little Free Library
Little Free Library

Bainbridge Island has little libraries like the at the right all over the island.  Each one has a unique design.  People are invited to take or leave a book as the choose.  Somewhere there is a registry of these libraries. I’ll put my copy of Travels with Charlie in one of these libraries when I finish reading it.

The farm below sits at the top of Sawdust Hill, overlooking the Olympic Mountains.  Two dogs sauntered out of the pasture to greet me shortly after I took this picture.

Farm on Sawdust Hill
Farm on Sawdust Hill


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