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Air Traffic Control Radar on Humboldt Summit
Air Traffic Control Radar on Humboldt Summit

One popular feature of Strava tells you when you ride a particular segment of a route faster than ever before.  It also reports time compared to other riders who have ridden that segment.  I’ve admonished friends who seem to be addicted to these stats.  The PR quest is guaranteed to be a losing game. Eventually your age will catch up to your ability to keep going faster.


Late yesterday afternoon I set a new PR climbing Humboldt Mountain.  Not by accident, I was going full bore.  I warmed up riding to the base of the climb, hit my LT and stayed there from bottom to top.  Not only did I set a PR, my time was shorter than several cycling buddies, all strong riders.

Actually, anyone who rides up Humboldt is strong. The grade steepens from   7% to 11% after the first half mile. The asphalt pavement has eroded and broken over years of neglect, leaving deep potholes with abrupt ridges and several stretches of dirt and gravel.  The road ascends 1600 feet in 3 1/2 miles.

About the PR thing, I still think it’s stupid.  Like playing in Vegas: keep playing long enough and lose.

About beating my buddies, also stupid.  Makes no sense, but it’s in our genes.  Or maybe it’s not stupid.  Much better to enjoy healthy competitions and laugh about them instead of killing each other over desires for money or sex.

Better still, enjoy riding your bike slowly, stop and check out the geology, maybe take pictures.

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