Loose Plans and Training Goals for 2017

Here are some activities I would like to do in 2017, along with training goals that will provide me the fitness to enjoy the experience.  God willing, I’ll be able to write a post for each.

Activities I would like to do
  • March – Crew for three weeks of Pactour Desert Camp.
    As a crew member, I’ll work half the days, ride my bike the other days, while enjoying the companionship of old and new cycling friends.
  • April – Ride the White Rim Road in Moab, Utah.  The 100 mile loop, mostly dirt, winds along a plateau with scenic vistas of the Colorado and Green Rivers.
  • May – Ride the Chino Grinder, 104 miles of gravel and asphalt, with a bunch of climbing, from Prescott to Williams, AZ, and back.
  • September – Crew for the Pactour Southern Transcontinental, from San Diego to Savannah.  As crew I’ll work half the days, and ride on alternate days.  Working crew requires a much lower level of fitness than was needed for last year’s Northern.  Nevertheless, I’ll enjoy the ride more if I’m in good shape.
  • TBD – Ride a bike tour with my son Mike in Maryland. I’ll let him make the plans for this adventure
Training Goals

Weight – Currently I weigh 150 lbs.  Not terrible, but I’ve picked up a few pounds since returning from Boston last summer.  To improve my power to weight ratio, I’d like to get my weight below 145, while adding a bit of muscle mass to my legs.  That means trimming my waistline.

Miles – Like last year, I’m setting monthly goals.  These include some fast miles, hopefully many slow miles, but nothing more specific.  Strava will log my results.

  • January – 300 miles
  • February – 400 miles
  • March – 600 miles
  • April – 800 miles
  • May – 1,000 miles
  • June – 1,000 miles
  • July – 1,200 miles
  • August – 1,200 miles



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Born in Harrisburg, PA. Undergrad at Drexel University. Learned to ride a bike when six years old, riding ever since. Started cooking when I was in college, stopped when I got married, started again in 2006 when my wife was out of town for a few months. Jobs: worked at post office while in college to earn money to buy a stereo. After grad school, worked at a small software company in Redmond, WA for twelve years. Afterwards, went back to school to get a certificate, then started teaching high school. Still doing that off and on, part time as the need arises.

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