Unit 1 – Computers and Programming

LG1: Vocabulary in context of computer Programming

LG2: How Binary Numbers are Used in Computers

LG3: Analyzing a Video Game

LG4: How to Construct Legal Expressions in Scheme

Unit 2 – Data, Functions and Images

LG1: Functions, Data and Types

LG2: Hexidecimal Numbers

LG3: Computer Images - Part 1

LG3: Computer Images - Part 2

Unit 3 – Defining Functions and Variables

LG1: Defining Variables

LG1: Challenge Exercise

LG2: Defining Functions

LG3: Designing Functions for a Purpose

LG4: Applying Functions to Solve Problems

Unit 4 – Making Decisions with Conditional Functions

LG1: Comparing Numbers and Strings

LG2: Conditional Functions

Answers to SA Practice Questions

Unit 5 – Creating a Video Game

Detailed Coding Instructions

Prep for Final Exam

Answers to Study Guide for Final