Win95 Reunion

Satya, David, Karl, Kevin, and Lin
Satya, David, Karl, Kevin, and Lin

September 12, 2015, twenty years after shipping Windows 95, the team reunited at Benaroya Hall in Seattle.  David and Charu did most of the work making this event happen.  Brad had to twist my arm several times to convince me to come. It turned out to be an incredible once in a lifetime experience.

I met Brad twenty five years ago, right after he first came to Microsoft from Borland.  Fittingly, it was on a bike ride.  Several days later he was in my office, refusing to leave until I agreed to join the Win 3.1 team.

Our development team was tightly knit.  As dev manager, I suppose I did a lot to make us that way. For many long hours together, we worked to create a product that would change the world.  Twenty years ago, I moved on to a new life.  Saturday evening we all stepped back in Time.

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