Back on the Bike

After a morning of writing code, this afternoon found me exhausted – the kind where I’m too tired to sleep.  No way I wanted to go near my bike.  I tried taking a nap on the couch.  Bartlett curled up and took a cat nap between my legs.  I stayed awake.

Sometimes it really helps to make a promise to yourself.  Tired as I was feeling, I pulled on my bike clothes, stumbled out the door, slowly tightened the straps on my cleated shoes; hopped on the Davidson and coasted down the short driveway.

Transformed! Five minutes I was climbing a gentle grade in the cool autumn air, no longer tired. Big leaf maple glowed in the afternoon light, puffy cumulus clouds moved across the blue sky and I rejoined the living world.

Autumn on the Island
Autumn on the Island

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Born in Harrisburg, PA. Undergrad at Drexel University. Learned to ride a bike when six years old, riding ever since. Started cooking when I was in college, stopped when I got married, started again in 2006 when my wife was out of town for a few months. Jobs: worked at post office while in college to earn money to buy a stereo. After grad school, worked at a small software company in Redmond, WA for twelve years. Afterwards, went back to school to get a certificate, then started teaching high school. Still doing that off and on, part time as the need arises.

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